We place top-tier Salespeople into Advertising & Tech companies in the United States.

Contingency Recruiting Services specifically for Revenue generating professionals.

Your trusted recruiting firm that puts people first.

Many recruiting firms juggle a variety of industries and rely soley on artificial intelligence. We found this problematic, this system deters recruiters from having deep knowledge of the industry and candidate. That is why we created MySalesRecruiter.co, we are passionate about your success. We are dedicated to putting people first and specialize in one industry: technology. Our hyper-specialized expertise is proven to bring the right Sales candidate to your organization. We stand behind our candidates with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We want to be your long-term Recruiting partner to assist through the evolution of your company’s growth. Contact us today to talk about your Sales staffing needs!

Our areas of expertise

Recruiting services

When you need to hire a top-tier Salesperson we can help you identify candidates through our extensive pipeline of sales professionals and referral network. The candidates we deliver are screened to ensure they meet your required parameters.

Once you identify and choose to hire your ideal candidate we can help with the onboarding process. We stand behind our candidates with a 90-day, full-money back guarantee.

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